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!WANRNING! This is a Bleach RPG played up to the most recent events in the manga! This will contain spoilers! If you do not want to ruin the story (which I suggest you do not) please stop at this point!

The Lords of Hell are coming.

After centuries of governing their own, they are no longer satisfied with leaving mankind and the death gods to their own devices. They want them all, to spread Hell on Earth and expand their infernal kingdom.

It is their time.

And so it was that in the year 2006, when the barriers between the Soul Society, Mankind, and Hell are at it's weakest, the mouth of Hell will open, singing a song of death and the purest of destruction. Nothing will be left alive; nothing will be safe, and this will be the final stand for humans and death gods both. Reseal the breach, and save the worlds, if you can.

The Lords Of Hell are coming.

Breaches are opening up everywhere in all three worlds; demons are tearing through the fabric of space and time, forerunners of their terrible masters who are not far behind. The breaches - hellish brimstone portals that yawn open on the ground - must be sealed as soon as they are discovered, or else something more horrific would take the opportunity to come through. A more powerful demon, or one of the Lords of Hell himself.

Soul Society and Hueco Mundo are not spared, either, and they are under attack as well, and this time, cooperation is needed to ensure that the three worlds do not fall to Hell’s grasp. Ever. Failure is not an option, simply because failure would mean a fate much, much worse than death.

In addition to these demons, the doors of The Otherworld are open as well, spilling forth beasts the likes of Loch Ness, the Kraken, the Flying Dutchman, Jack the Ripper, the Headless Horseman, Rip van Winkle, faeries, leprechauns…beings who do not belong to Hell or Heaven, and are stuck within morbid old wives’ tales and forgotten legends.

They can either be a bane or a boon. It is, of course, entirely up to them. You must, however, send them back to whence they came; the world cannot afford their presence. Whether by peaceful negotiation or forceful coercion, the choice is yours. They – some of them, at least – will be useful in the fight against the Hell Lords.

Most importantly. You. You’re one of the warriors in the biggest war the worlds have ever seen. You’re the last, the only line of defense against eternal damnation. You have the strength, the power, the skills to defeat them. What is left is your determination to make your final stand, to save your loved ones even if you have no hope for yourself.

Make your choice.

Are you ready to fight?

Welcome to Bleach: Final Stand.

1. Absolutely no godmoding. Thank you. That includes killing off the other mun’s character without giving them a chance to react, dictating their next actions, etc, etc.
2. Respect one another, as well as the mods. They are there for a reason.
3. There are no limitations on players, scenes and minor storylines that deal with explicit sexual content, but it must be friends-locked with an NC-17 warning on it to prevent the younger players from being disturbed.
4. All scenes must be LJ-cut within the community
5. As this is an advanced, long-term roleplaying game, please be informed that there is a minimum of 1 post every week. This is to prevent players from getting stuck in threads and ultimately stalling game play.
6. Please post on the OOC board if you’re in hiatus for awhile. If you do not do so, the mods will take control of your character after a month of inactivity and NPC them for everyone’s convenience – if said characters are in ongoing threads
7. Drama and wank shall be limited to gameplay only. NOWHERE else.
8. IC AIM chats must be recorded in finalstandrpg.
9. Also, please keep in mind that OOC knowledge does not pertain to IC knowledge. Which means that what YOU know out of the game doesn’t necessarily mean that your character knows
10. No 1337 speak, broken English, Japlish, Net-speak while posting threads. Good English is a definite requirement. However, you can do whatever you like in your journals, provided if it’s what your characters would do
11. Group posts MUST be written in the third-person, while messageboard and journal posts can be in the first person perspective.
12. RP form: Paragraph form. Third person. Past tense. In that order. If there are two or more characters of the same sex in a scene, that you MUST use your character's name, or some identifying trait, each and everytime you post a new paragraph, so that the readers are aware which 'he' or which 'she' is being referred to.
13. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a canon character being played terribly OOCly, so please put an effort into considering what your character would do before posting it.
14. NO Mary Sues or Gary Stus, please. Even The StrawberryIchigo has his weak points, so no one had an excuse to be ZOMG I’M SO POWERFUL AND PERFECT!
15. Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!

Like on Earth, the Soul Society’s technology also improves. Some shinigami of the 12th Division has created a new device to replace the communication and hollow detecting phones: PDAs, or the journal account you have created for your character. These PDAs are the new essentials to all shinigami and those near or alike the Soul Society. This technology is anything but secret, so even the inhabitants of Hueco Mundo have found its uses.

Every character has a PDA with them and it is connected to something called The Network. From there, you can see anything the other characters write. If you want your own entry to be private, or to only one specific person, please do note that in the LJ-Cut. The players can read it, but the characters who are not addressed will have no way of knowing what is said.

The journals and Network is extremely important to survival because it is very likely for people to be split up in the confusion of battle and in wartime, communication is the key, thus making the Network the key.

On this Network is the message board, an announce board of sorts, and anyone can post in there. It consists of announcement by the Soul Society of the newest demon sightings, Shinigami Captain reports, and so on. Anything that bears announcing will have to be put in there, and it has to be replied to ICly.

Along with the message board, the Network supports instant conversations (IM). With these one could speak with any other character without having to wait for a reply, should they be separated.

All the third-person roleplaying will be held in finalstandrpg and no other place. This community is completely in character. Also, the message board can be found at finalstandmb. This board is also completely IC. There is, however, and OOC board to communicate with other members, ask questions, ect. That can be found at finalstandooc.

Unlike many RPG’s, ‘Bleach: Final Stand’ does not follow a timeline. There are no loops of who and when but that still means no character can be in more than one thread at a time. But this does not eliminate locations. Some characters will be in the Soul Society, some in Earth, and some in Hueco Mundo. It is possible to travel from world to world should your character have the capabilities.

You must, however, specify, where exactly each character is. Use the geography that Kubo Tite has provide. Perhaps the Kurosaki Clinic? The Karakura High School? The 6th Squad Headquarters? Room Central 46? Be creative. We aren’t specifying where exactly you have to play, so think of somewhere interesting to go.

There is a format that all new scenes posted in finalstandrpg must follow. It is simple and easy to follow:

Title of the post. Think of something creative that can draw players to your thread and summarize the scene.
[Active/Completed] Pick one or the other. If you are still RPing in the scene, it’s active. Once you finish, it has been completed. These are the only two that’ll be used! (No Open, Closed, Solo, ect.)
Character(s): Be sure to mention every character that is participating and state whether or not other characters are welcomed.
Location: Final Strike takes place in several areas, so you need to tell us where the scene is. It can be anywhere in the Soul Society, Earth, or Hueco Mundo.
Content: A quick overview of what is going on in the scene.
Warnings: Should there be any kind of mature content, please say so for the minds of the younger viewers or simply any players who aren’t interested in that sort of thing.
LJ-Cut You must always use an LJ cut to post a new scene, otherwise it stretches the page to ridiculous sizes. Always, always use this!
Tags. Also very important. Be sure to include your location, all characters present and the "completed" tag once you are finished. You can edit that in.

The Message Board uses no specific format. As there is no timeline, there are no specific posts that you can only reply to. Use this to have your character post something they have discovered, find someone, call for help, whatever you want should the need arise. Again, there aren’t any specifics except that it needs to be completely IC.

Also, all IM’s are IC unless you are using double parenthesis. Example: ((Hi! What do you want to do in our thread?)). You can use IM both to communicate with players or characters, but be sure to specify so there is no confusion. But be sure, this is not roleplaying. The characters are on IM having a conversation. There is no need for actions except for signing in and out and maybe going away. That is it.

Should two or more characters communicate in IM (chat rooms are always fun), be sure to post it in finalstandrpg with the following format:

Title of the post. Same as before. Be creative.
[IM Log] This is so we know that it isn’t a scene in the RPG. It helps clarify, that’s all.
Character(s): Again, be sure to include all characters.
Content: Tell us in a few sentences what was discussed.
Warnings: Again, warnings are nice for the younger players.
LJ-Cut This is just as important. Seeing the whole conversation in the community is messy and unnecessary
Tags. Again, you need this. Don’t worry about location, but be sure to use the tag “imlog” and mention all the characters that participated.

Please do fill out a form with the following and submit it to the mods at bleachfinalstand@hotmail.com If you have any doubts of what a proper character sheet looks like, please see Ichigo’s or Rukia’s. You will be informed of whether you are accepted or not.

Player's Name: Easy enough. Just tell us what you would like to be called.
Player LJ/email/AIM: To make it easier to contact you, we would like as much of this filled out as possible. If you do not wish to give away this information, that is quite alright but be aware there may be announcements sent through email that you may miss.
Character LJ: Well, we need to know where your character will be posting from.
Character AIM: Not a nessessary aspect of the game but it sure helps (and is also a lot of fun.)
Character Name: ...We kinda would like to know who you're playing.
Age: This is just some basic information. Easy enough to fill out.
Gender: No. Ichigo IS a boy.
Sexuality: Some muns prefer to play there characters as a different sexuality than others. Please specify to... avoid any awkward situations.
Appearance: No. No pictures. That is blaphemous to the RPing world. Please, show us your use of the English langauge and that you know how to describe things. It's a manga/anime. I'm sure you'll have plenty of references as well.
Personality: This is probably one of the deciding factors as to whether or not your application is accepted. You need to do your best to nail your character's personality. We want to see what Kubo has shown us, not a Superman version of Ishida with bulging muscles or anything of that sort. IC please.
Abilities/Weaponry: Well, as they will be fighting the inhabitants of Hell gone rampant, they should have some kind of abilities. Ya know... they'd be kind of nice.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Nobody's perfect. End of story. Every character has things unique to just them and makes them strong, but the is no where near what one could call perfect. There is always some kind of flaw.
History: Okay. The history. Personally, I always dread this because (being a bit of a perfectionist) I like to include everything I can. Write the full history of your character up to the most recent events in Bleach (in the manga). As time goes on, you may want to add on while Mr. Tite continues to write. (I know I will).
Sample RP Post: This is probably the other major deciding factor. We need to know, how you play, that you can follow the rules, and that you know your character inside out. Show off here. If anything, this is where you do it.

Once your application has been excepted, be sure to post it in you character’s User Info.

‘Bleach: Final Stand’ was created out of sheer love for the series that Kubo Tite has brought us. We are roleplayers who simply want to have fun. We want to bring a clean and enjoyable RPG to everyone we can. We hope that everyone can accept the rules we lay down (sorry if they are tough) and can simply relax.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the mods! All are willing to help (in fact, we like questions.) You can either IM us with immediate questions, post in the OOC, or email us at bleachfinalstand@hotmail.com.

We look forward to roleplaying with anyone who is interested!

Your Mods
(Qing, Skwinky, Hana, and Xandrei)