Alrighty guys. I think it's safe to say that this RP is going as slow as possible. The Mods and I plan on doing some revamps and starting some plot... uh... thingers.

Nevertheless, we are basically "re-kicking off the rpg". Hopefully we will also be able to pull in some new players! If you have any friends, don't be afraid to pimp!

~ Skwinky


Hey everybody! =D

Just dropping by to introduce myself: I'm Ariandir, and I'll be playing your resident bad-ass Grimmjow Jaggerjack X3
I was so pleased to find such a great-looking RP, and I look forward even more to having some fun and RPing with you guys =3 Thanks so much for letting me get onboard, and please feel free to IM me and stuff~<3

*flings munchies to all*
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My Introduction

Hello there fellow Bleach Fans. Just figured I'd drop in and introduce myself. My username is "Eraldo" for "Eraldo Coil" as in "L's" nickname from the manga "Death Note." The reason I joined this site was so that I could participate in this rpg, and I couldn't be more excited. I'll be playing the Vizard Hirako Shinji. See ya then.
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Greetings, everyone! Welcome to Bleach: Final Stand! I'm sure not very many of you know each other here, so this is the place to simply chill, plan, and engage in wildly OOC banter! 

I'm your mod Qing, and with me are my beloved fellow mods Hana, Skwinky, and Xandrei. We do hope that your stay in this RPG is a fun one! IC drama is wildly encouraged, but OOC drama isn't, so keep that in mind, people. 

Now, with that speech done, INTRODUCE YOURSELVES, PEOPLE!!!
*hands out cookies and loves on all*